Sneaker Reselling 101

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What you are about to learn has secured me over $1,000,000 in sales. If you are ready to apply my methods you will succeed. 

Two years ago I knew nothing about reselling… I missed out on every single Yeezy and Jordan release. I never won on the SNKRS app. No one would buy my shoes. But everything has changed. 

Now I buy and sell profitable sneakers from my phone every single day and operate a massive sneaker empire.

There are core methods that I use every single day to find profitable deals. I would be without these strategies.

I source 200-300+ pairs per week

I get the lowest prices on the market

You will know how to do this too

✔️ All of the exact sources that I buy shoes from

✔️ The list of shoes that I focus on and how I find them

✔️ The three keys that I use to get extremely low prices on every purchase

✔️ How to analyze the market and determine if a shoe will sell

✔️ All of the marketplaces that I sell my shoes on

✔️ The method that I use to create the perfect listing

✔️ The strategy that I use to sell shoes instantly and before I buy them

✔️ How I sell my shoes for above market value

✔️ How to build and scale a massive sneaker empire

📚 Book: Master Sourcing Guide

📹 Video: Primary Sourcing Sites

📹  Video: Finding Deals Online

📹  Video: Maximizing Savings

📹  Video: Analyzing the Market

📹  Video: Outlet Stores

📹  Video: Footstores

📹  Video: Local Marketplaces

📹  Video: Finding Deals Locally

📹  Video: Avoiding Scams

📚 Book: Master Selling Guide

📹  Video: Selling on StockX

📹  Video: Selling on GOAT

📹  Video: Selling on eBay

📹  Video: Selling on Consignment

📹  Video: Shipping Your Orders

📚 Book: Business Logistics Guide

📹  Video: Choosing a Sourcing Method

📹  Video: Choosing a Selling Method

📹  Video: Scaling Your Business

📹  Video: Bookkeeping

📹  Video: Analytics

I've added free bonus content throughout the course. These methods alone will cover the cost of the course.

✅ Bonus #1:

The method that I use to secure (ex. Yeezy, Jordan, Off White) in hand on release day.

✅ Bonus #2:

The method that I use to secure multiple pairs of online (no bots).

"I never get shoes on release day..."

Not a problem. In fact, you can sleep through every drop if you want to.

"I don't have enough money..."

You can start flipping with as little as $50. I'll show you how.

"What if I get scammed..."

The methods I use are extremely risk-averse. Your hard-earned cash is completely safe.

"I don't have enough time..."

I get it. We're all busy. I'll teach you how to make sales in your sleep, literally.

"I don't know if reselling is for me..."

This business model can work for just about anyone. In fact, I'll give you multiple routes to take to make sure it fits your current situation.

"What if I live outside of the US..."

My course works in just about any country. Some of my most successful students live in Europe, Asia, South America, Australia, and more!

"Is this a one-time payment..."

Yes, you will only be charged once. You will have lifetime access to the course and receive any updates for free.

"How do I receive the course..."

As soon as you pay you will receive an email with a link to all of the content. 

Let's get started. You're one click away from creating a brand new stream of income. I'll see you inside.

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Sneaker Reselling 101

476 ratings
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